Your Honda Lease Return Center

Your Honda Lease Return Center

Our process is quick and easy so returning your lease is simple!

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4 Steps to Return a Leased Car in Round Rock, TX

Scheduled Maintenance

1. Ensure your Scheduled Maintenance is complete

If you want to avoid possible charges, make sure your maintenance is up to date! Ensure any service lights on your car are taken care of before bringing your vehicle in. You can leave the outside of your car as is, but please ensure that the inside has been cleaned as much as possible.

Check Mileage

2. Check your mileage

Whether you are over or under your allotted mileage, make note.


3. Have all sets of keys and original equipment with you when you bring your car back.

All sets of keys, owner’s manuals, boot covers, etc need to come back with the vehicle being dropped off. If all of these items are not returned, we may need to deduct this amount from your lease return. This is to ensure the next driver has all the right equipment needed.

Pre Inspection

4. Complete a Pre-Inspection on Your Lease

Honda Financial Services lease return guidelines specify that you should take care to avoid any excess wear and tear. Check your vehicle for any additional damages that could cost you some money.


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Returning a Leased Car in Round Rock, TX

What happens when you return a leased car? You’ll have several paths to consider, and we’ve laid out all of the Honda Financial Services lease return guidelines that you need to be aware of. In brief, your options include:

  • Returning your leased car and starting a new lease on that same day.
  • Purchasing the Honda that you’ve been leasing.
  • Returning a leased car in Round Rock, TX and taking your next steps elsewhere.

If you’re wondering how to return a Honda lease car, the first thing you should know is that our team is here to help! Although we’ve already laid out the basic steps and expectations, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have at our lease return center. We’re easy to reach from anywhere near Cedar Park or Georgetown, but it’s best to start the process of returning a leased car at least six months before your final payment. This ensures that you can take advantage of the most exciting special offers and drive away with a new model that you truly love.

What Happens When You Return a Leased Car?

No Leander-area driver wants to spend a lot of money on fees at the end of their leasing term. With a little advanced preparation, you can uncover what happens when you return a leased car and avoid the vast majority of potential surprises. Here’s a brief overview of what you should expect:

  • Unless you decide to purchase the Honda that you’ve been leasing, we’ll need to inspect it carefully to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the brand’s guidelines for normal wear and tear.
  • You’ll receive a vehicle report that details everything we noticed about your vehicle. When you return a leased car in Round Rock, TX, you can rely on our service specialists to keep you informed.

The best way to avoid fees is to stay well within your mileage limit, take care of all scheduled maintenance on time, and make sure that all extraneous items that came with your vehicle are brought to our lease return center at the end of your term! Contact us today with any pressing questions on your mind.


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