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Bryan Novak 7/2/2012
After a bad experience at Howdy Honda on 6/9/12 with the 2012 Honda Civic EX I bought there, I decided to trade it in for a 2012 CR-V EX-L at Round Rock Honda on 7/2/12. On 6/22, Paul let me test drive a CR-V and a Civic Si. He was very focused on my needs. He did not have the CR-V that I wanted at the time but he told me when the next one would be in. I put a $500 deposit down. I could not decide on whether I wanted the White Diamond Pearl or the Crystal Black Pearl. I later decided on the Crystal Black Pearl. The wait was well worth it. What a beautiful vehicle. I love it! It had 10 miles on it when I got it. Personally, for me it is worth waiting over a week for a new vehicle that was never test driven by a lot of other people. Only Round Rock Honda test drove it as is required. I bought a new 2007 Honda Civic EX back in 2007 from Paul. I do not know if I wrote a review about him then, but he is still as awesome as he was 5 years ago. He devoted as much time as I needed to get the vehicle I wanted. The used car department there gave me $18500 for my “new” 2012 Honda Civic EX that had 859 miles on it. First Texas Honda wanted to give me $17500 and Howdy Honda, $18000. The MSRP on the 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L is $28075. Dealer invoice is $26409. Paul's first offer was $27575. I asked him if he would go down another $200 to $300 and they went down $225. On paper, I paid $27350 for the CR-V. They gave me $191 over Edmund's true market value of $18309 for the Civic. Of course, that value keeps changing. With that figured in, it brings it down to $27159. I also asked if he would throw in some wheel locks. He said these are worth around $87.00. Personally, I think that is a very inflated price for wheel locks, but it is what it is. That would bring the price down to $27072 with those things considered. A week ago or so, my CR-V EX-L had a true market value of $27050. I would say I did a pretty good job this time around, but I lost close to $2000 by trading in my “new” 2012 Civic EX that I bought from Howdy Honda. I strongly recommend Paul Koehler at Round Rock Honda if you are in the market for a new Honda. He will treat you right. My experience at Round Rock Honda was the exact opposite of the experience I had at Howdy Honda. Those guys are so tight they will not even throw in some wheel locks. Paul not only threw those in, he had them put on the vehicle! The drive from Cedar Creek to Round Rock was well worth it.

Jnfeely 6/7/2012 12:04:12 PM
I've bought 2 new cars in the last 6 months from Kenny and both experiences have been great. He's friendly and deals with you straight. I've appreciated the lack of hard sell sliminess that most dealers give you. The facilities are nice, the finance guys are friendly and don't sell too hard either. And we couldn't be happier with the Pilot and Accord. Highly recommended.

Jeff Austin, TX 4/22/2012
Excellent experience at Round Rock Honda. I and my wife recently purchased a new Honda Pilot at the dealership and we had the best new car purchase experience we have ever had. The sales, finance and entire Round Rock Honda team are superb. They were all very responsive to our every need and made the whole process a breeze. There was nothing they could have done to make it better for us. I highly recommend the Round Rock Honda team for any sales purchase a potential buyer may have. Thanks to the team for all they did.

George C. Copperas Cove, TX  3/5/2012
If your Honda needs service then Round Rock Honda is where you want to go.  I have been dealing with them since 2002.  I would not trust my vehicle with any other service department.  I drive from Copperas Cove and it is well worth it.  The staff is courteous and professional and will tell you exactly what you need no more, no less.  Their prices are the lowest in the area and they have recently moved into a state of the art building making you visit even easier. My last visit was for a tune-up and transmission service.  I called to let them know that I was short on time and Brandy let the technician know prior to my arrival and everything was ready when I rolled into the service center. I was out in about 90 minutes. If you value your vehicle as I do, then you will go to Round Rock Honda for all you service.  Yon can call or schedule your appointment on line.

Leslie R. Round Rock, TX  3/5/2012
After having nothing but HORRIBLE experiences with the local Ford dealership, I was skeptical about using another dealer for services.  Round Rock Honda has completely changed my opinion of Dealership Service centers.  I have had every single service done through Round Rock Honda (oil changes, tire rotations, all regular maintenance) since purchasing my '08 Odyssey.  The service is extraordinary, fast and very customer focused.  My service adviser, Brandy, routinely goes way above and beyond meeting my expectations.  I would not go anywhere else!

Aj A Round Rock 3/3/2012
This is hands down the best Honda service center in the Austin area! I take both my civic and S2000 there for maintenance and I always leave impressed at how quick, clean and correctly done all the work is. Its always been hit or miss with the other dealerships in town, especially First Texas. I have never had a single problem with Round Rock Honda. The service adviser's are very informative and helpful when it comes to figuring out what needs to be done. Its also very nice that I can schedule service online. I will definitely recommend this service center to anyone that wants their cars service done properly and promptly!

Richard - Mar 3, 2012
I have been using this service department for 3.5 years, after moving here, and I am generally satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the service. In November, I purchased a new Pilot touring model. After 3 months, I rate this vehicle as exceptional. I am happy with nearly everything about the car. I would like to have had the option to purchase a new model in beige like the Pilot that I traded, but the color option was not available. I went with pearl white – while it shows the dust and dirt a little more, it is fine. During the purchase process, I worked with Sales Consultant Samuel Stipe. He did a very good job of acting as an intermediary between me and the sales manager and the used car manager. We settled on a trade in value ... 3.5 years, after moving here, and I am generally satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the service. In November, I purchased a new Pilot touring model. After 3 months, I rate this vehicle as exceptional. I am happy with nearly everything about the car. I would like to have had the option to purchase a new model in beige like the Pilot that I traded, but the color option was not available. I went with pearl white – while it shows the dust and dirt a little more, it is fine. During the purchase process, I worked with Sales Consultant Samuel Stipe. He did a very good job of acting as an intermediary between me and the sales manager and the used car manager. We settled on a trade in value and purchase price that I considered fair. The delivery process was smooth, and I was kept informed as the vehicle was built at the factory and shipped. My wife drives a Lexus - generally the Lexus on-site service experience is a little better; however, with a some work, Honda could match up favorably.

FondaHonda 3/1/2012
We could not have been happier with our experience at Round Rock Honda. We were in a position where we had to buy a car very quickly due to an automobile accident. Manuel Valdes stayed late on two occasions to accomodate our schedules. Round Rock Honda has a large inventory, courteous, knowledgeable salespeople and great deals. We would recommend Manuel and the dealership without hesitation.

Hal B 2-27-2012
I started a new sales job and needed to purchase a work vehicle right away.  I did no research or shopping.  My wife and I walked in to Round Rock Honda and we had the pleasure of working with salesman Matt Alpers.  Matt asked me what my vehicle needs were.  I said that I needed something that was inexpensive and got good fuel economy.  Matt showed me a 2012 Honda Fit.  He said that they had it in an automatic or manual transmission and in two different blue colors.  I test drove the automatic in blue/green and I was very impressed with Matt and the car.  Matt never pressured me to buy the car and really put us at ease.  I asked Matt what I needed to do to buy the car and he said to fill out a credit application.  The buying process could not have been easier.  I purchased the car at the same price as someone who shopped for an entire year.  At time of delivery Matt went over every little detail of the Fit to make sure I was comfortable with all the many features.
With 700 miles on the odometer we drove from Round Rock, TX to Tucson, Arizona which is 950 miles or 15 hours.  With three adults, a dog and Christmas presents we could not believe how comfortable the Fit was, how quiet it was, how solid it felt, and we averaged 33 mpg at 80 mph with the engine not broken in yet.  I have never heard a stereo sound as good as the one in my Fit.  The sound is rich and beautiful.
I could not be happier with my buying experience at Round Rock Honda, with Matt Alpers or our new Fit.
P.S. Sales Manager Curtis Salter was so kind and helpful.

nenoreyna 2/19/2012
Kenneth was very friendly and there was no pressure to buy. He answered just about every question and always asked if I had questions. I'm looking forward to having a long relationship with the dealership since I plan to keep my Pilot for a long time.

R&TK  2/13/2012
Mid-2011, we were in the market for a minivan (Sienna or Odyssey). Stopped at a few other dealers around town and settled on Rock Rock Honda as they also carried Toyota. Huge plus to have both under same roof. We also enjoyed dealing with Sophia, our sales rep, much more than anyone else we talked to at other dealerships.
We settled on the Odyssey but were dissappointed to find very few in stock as they were still recovering from the devastating tsunami. Most that were on order were already sold as well. The reason for the (4) rather than (5) for customer service is for 2 reasons: 1) We were waiting to test drive a Touring model. One finally came in so we made special trip to test drive it. I even called to verify it was still there to test drive before making the trip. When we got there, it was sold and unable to drive. Very annoying and a waste of our time. A quick call would have been appreciated and would have gone a long way in building a solid relationship. 2) There seemed to be a lot of confusion around the 2011 and 2012 models. We finally decided to purchase a 2011 due to great financing offer, got passed to the finance guy to negotiate, and within 15 minutes were walking out the door as we could no longer order a 2011. Again, I felt this should have been communicated upfront as Sophia was aware that they did not have the model that we wanted in stock and she was also aware that we wanted the special financing (the offer was not extended to 2012's at that time). Sophia was very nice and we enjoyed working with her. I'm just a very critical guy and thought a couple of things could have been done just a bit better to make the experience truly outstanding. I would still recommend her to anyone as the above situations were not typical and were related to the limited stock and new model year transition.
Not being turned off, we waited it out and towards the end of 2011, their stock of 2012's began to build and they also extended special financing on the new model year. Great! From there, things went very well and everyone else at the dealership that we dealt with was very nice and attentive. The only other source of frustration was the low ball offer that we received on our low mileage and clean trade in. They obviously didn't want it so we took it down the street and got $3K more for it without any discussion.
The overall experience was pleasant and I'd recommend Round Rock Honda to anyone.
Cut to 3 weeks after purchase... while grocery shopping, someone must have decided to try and park their car in the same spot that we were parked. After realizing a car was already parked there, the nice person drove off. Imagine our surprise! We took it to Round Rock Collision Center and the experience was fantastic! Updates every few days and they finished sooner than expected. Great work and everything is as "good as new".

Michelle P. 2/3/2012
Where to start!!!! I guess I will say I went into Round Rock in December to take my Honda Civic to the service department I was having a few issues with a knocking sound!  They went above and beyond to try and help me find out what was causing the issue.  My car was a 2008 so it wasn't covered under the 2006.2007 recall!  They replaced the strut and the Bearing but still the sound persisted but not so persistent when driving with the most famous fabulous MATT! :)    Finally I decided since Warranty can't cover something when it isn't broken and Honda being Honda won't fix it unless it is under recall I decided it was time to trade the car!  4 years and I absolutely loved my HONDA CIVIC EX, it was sporty and just a fun car to drive!  But Eric Patterson ran the numbers and got me approved for .9 financing if I went with the 2011 CR-V so... the payments went down on my monthly note and I get a car with .9 interest so I basically pay less than $700 for the life of my loan! SOLD!   So Manual Valdes the most awesome sales person and another sales person that has since left :(  helped me find my perfect fit!   I bought the CR-V EX in Silver and was super excited.  Drove home and things were GREAT... Paperwork process smoothly, no pressure, great deal!  And Bill Owens was the finance manager and he was completely honest with me on everything they had to offer and wasn't pushy with the things they could offer but he knew I didn't need!
Well a month went by and I had a little issue with my paint on the front of my bumper.   I called instantly to the dealership and they told me they would have Katie Holem call me!  She did quickly at that not even 30 minutes after my call!   She had me scheduled to bring the car in and provided me with a loaner car for the time they would have my car.  Not only a loaner car but a brand new car with only 150 miles on it and super nice to drive while mine was being repaired.
I called Honda to file a case and they were very UN-helpful.  They did give me a case number but the guy RAY from HONDA corporate (NOT THE DEALERSHIP NO AFFILIATION) was rude and didn't care at all about what was going on with my new car.
Well, Katie, Eric, Bill, Curtis and Manual Valves cared and cared enough they went to bat for me.  They did everything they could to help me get this situated.
On the 23rd the Honda Rep Jerry came in to evaluate my car and he approved it to be fixed.  Jerry called me and everything that RAY made so hard in 3 phone calls Jerry made perfect in one!
I went through 2 weeks of having to fight with Honda Corporate and during all the stress and anxiety Round Rock Auto Group called me to check on me not to call and tell me status but to call and just see if I needed anything or if I was OK!  Curtis the General Manager even call just to see if I was OK and if there was anything he could do to help me.  Eric called me at least 3 times and Katie communicated with me everyday to make sure things were going well and I was OK.
This is stressful but Round Rock as Always made sure I was taken care of and that I, as the customer had the love for Honda, love for the dealership there!
AS Jerry said to me when a customer is upset it isn't the car you have to repair it is the customers heart!  And he is right and Jerry from Honda Corp did just that repaired my heart for Honda.
Katie Holem is a gem and one of the best people I have ever had to deal with she is in the line of business that suits her and has a compassion and love for people and she understands that people don't want to be in these situations they just need a little help to get through it and a positive attitude to show that someone understands and cares!
This wasn't Round Rocks fault they didn't build the car or cause this problem but they made sure they went above and beyond to make sure that my car was fixed and looked better than when I bought it!  I can't and won't ever have anything negative to ever say about this dealership they have the best customer service and truly care for their customers.
You are not just a customer there !!! YOU ARE FAMILY!!!
Brandy, Ray, and Matt!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!  Thank you for putting up with me!  Thank you for helping me to get everything organized and thank you for helping me not pull my hair out!    OH and thanks for the cookies, stress eating!
The new service department is super customer friendly, 2 beautiful TV's you pull into the the green light area and the door opens and you are inside the AC and so are the mechanics!  You go into the lobby for comfortable seating, cookies (FREE) and then you can purchase pretzels with cheese, smoothies, coffee and so much more!   The friendliness and helpfulness of everyone there is also a plus!  Nobody wants to be at service, but they make you feel like you want to come back!
Thank you to each and everyone of you!  You are precious and I am glad to have a wonderful place to work with!

Luis D 2/2/2012
I brought my 2007 Accord in for an all wheel alignment after I received a coupon in the mail. I am not one to bring my cars back to dealerships, but this time I'm impressed, The RR honda service department is  huge, clean organized and the waiting area is comfortable. They even have a lovely girl baking cookies. They have really put a lot of effort into this operation and it is working, I'm a fan.

Amelia O. Jan.26,2012
I bought my first car -  a new automatic black Honda Fit - in February of 2011 from Paul. I was new to the process and, I must admit, it showed. Paul pressured me into buying quickly, but that was the only part of the process I didn't like. I knew I wanted a Honda, and I knew the Fit was the make for me. It's been almost a year, and I've had literally no problems.
I am constantly getting e-mails that tell me about coupons, events and savings opportunities from the dealership. These are wonderful because they allow me to figure out a way to personalize my vehicle. Apart from that, I've taken my Fit in twice to the dealership for minor check-ups and both times have been thorough, fast and inexpensive. I was amazed yesterday when they told me they had applied discounts like "Environmental Fee Exempt" and "Honda Goodwill Discount". They are a fantastic dealership and I will keep my loyalty to them for service and other cars in the future.

Serwin1115 1/20/2012
We purchased a new 2012 Honda pilot. This vehicle was actually the second new pilot we purchased from Round Rock Honda. We had such a great experience the first time, there was no question if we should buy from them again or not. Aleksander was a wonderful salesman to work with. He was very knowledgeable, respectful, polite and explained everything about the vehicle to us. Most of all, he was not overbearing or pushy in any way. He also stayed late so we could meet after I got off work and delivered our vehicle in prestige condition. He also made sure we understood all the new features of our vehicle and even set up my bluetooth! He always remembered our names and was helpful in any way possible. Round Rock's service department is great too. I never have to wait long and there is always fresh cookies baking!

NanaBanana - Dec 25, 2011
I hesitated to take my car to this dealership because of all the bad ratings. If it were possible, I would award this dealership 10 stars... my hybrid car had a misfunctioning IMS battery. Within 24 hours, the problem had been diagnosed, a new battery ordered and received and installed. All for free. All with extreme friendliness and courtesy. Do not hesitate to use this service!

JD - Nov 17, 2011
My wife's car was doing the dying cockroach act, and we were in a bind for another vehicle. We actually started out looking at a few used models, but Lee Hunt wisely suggested that we would be better off looking at a new model. Lee worked hard to find us the right vehicle at the right price, and then helped us thru the purchase process. We wound up with a beautiful 2012 Civic LX. Everyone at Round Rock Honda treated us with courtesy and respect, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience at a first class dealership. Lee is a wonderful person to work with, and does not use the "push you 'til you buy" approach that I find so offensive. Tom in financing was courteous and and forthcoming, and was a joy to work with. If you are considering a Honda, by all means give Lee Hunt a call. You won't be disappointed.

Susan M. Nov. 8, 2011
I bought a car here and it was the best experience yet. I started with salesman David Carruthers and he didn't pressure me but just showed me everything he had. Then he took several cars and wrote up quotes on another day. Finally I let him know which one I wanted. I spent 2.5 hours to sign for the car and drive out.

JLB - Oct 16, 2011
My husband and I had a great experience at this dealership. We came in ready to buy but weren't sure they'd meet our price. Not only did we get the exact CRV (model and exterior and interior colors) and price we wanted, but our salesperson, Olga Morquecho, was incredibly patient and nice and knew EVERYTHING about the CRV that we bought. We were there on a Saturday evening, well after the dealership had officially closed, and Olga got in the car with us and explained exactly how everything worked! The finance guy was a pleasure to deal with, too. Overall, excellent service.

SS - Apr 8, 2011
Great sales experience with Bobby Washington - came in on his day off to close the deal. His service beat both other Honda Dealerships in Austin.

Suzi - Apr 1, 2011
Car buying isn't always fun, but yesterday I had one of my best car buying experiences to date. We worked with Bobby Washington who came in on his day off help us out. No pressure, no fuss and so kind. So happy with our new purchase and Bobby made the experience seamless.

Quani March 30,2011
Well, totalled my beautiful 2009 Honda Accord that I bought here less than 2 years ago and, after agonizing between my dream Camaro and another Honda, I opted to go Honda, once again. I did all of the leg work online and found that Round Rock Honda had the EXACT car that I wanted in the EXACT color I wanted at a little bit over the price I wanted, but I figured that that'd work itself out. Headed that way on Saturday, test drove an automatic Civic (just to be sure), test drove the Civic Si I was lusting after and sat down to do some business. Bobby Washington was, again, my salesperson, and made the process pretty painless. I even qualified for the 0.9% APR this time around!
I was in and out of there in something like 4 hours (with a beautiful Dyno Blue Pearl Civic Si), which, yeah, is a pretty $%#@ long time. I'd like to thank my friend Steve for sitting with me, looking over the numbers, attempting to be my voice of reason and being my "rental car $*&#."
As Bobby said to me the first time I bought a Honda, "once you go Honda, you never go back." I can't say I disagree.

Christen H. 4/19/2010
I couldn't be happier with my car buying experience. Bobby was an excellent salesperson to work with and I would refer anyone I know to this dealership.

DAVID AND LISA N. 4/17/2010

Mitchell R. 4/12/2010
We were taken seriously and treated respectfully, and overall our exeeced our expectations

ROBERT L. 4/07/2010

Alex R. 4/06/2010
My family and I enjoyed our visit and friendliness from your entire staff.

Melissa M. 4/06/2010
I have been impressed with the service I have been given by RR Honda as I had bought my previous vehicle from Classic Honda of RR. After servicing my previous vehicle at another in town Honda dealer, I felt unappreciated as a customer and returned to RR to buy my new Fit. Matt Alpers was great, no-nonsense, and very helpful in making our decision. Thanks RR Honda!

Christine M. 4/06/2010
Round Rock Honda and the Costco auto program make a great team. It was a wonderful experience to buy my car from this dealership!

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